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Slug 1 - silver

Fabricant: Oxballs
19.90 EUR
OXBALLS Slug grabs your nut-sack in a twisted new way... a new ballstretcher that grips and stretches your sack with your choice of 2 levels of squeeze in one hot design. SLUG is designed so they stretch your low-hangers with 2 levels of grip... put one on your slicked up, slack-sack with the nubs on the outside and the feel is similar to a silicone ballstretcher with a firm, pliant grip... turn SLUG inside-out so the horizontal rings are on the outside of the stretcher and you get a tight grip like your favorite neoprene stretcher. Made from durable TECH-TPR (thermoplastic rubber) has more flex when warm, try soaking in warm water before use. They are lube friendly so you can use water, oil and silicone based lubes, clean in warm soapy water.

Length: approx. 5.4 cm
Material: TPR (thermoplastic rubber)
Color: Silver

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