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1 x Androxan600 - 120 caps

Androxan600 is a high-grade food for balanced diet and is evidence for erection dysfunction. Androxan 600 helps many thousands men to a better potency since 2001. Androxan contains pure natural and herbal ingredients and will be recommended by medicals and pharmacists for the therapy by erection dysfunction.

Androxan600 is certified as "dietary supplement" and can thus without imposed conditions, and may be sold without prescription. Suitable also for diabetics – with no side effects. Androxan600 forte exists to 100% of purely natural ingredients. - Content: 120 caps

Following effects may be possible:
- Promotes durable and hard erections
- Improves the blood circulation and the erectilie characteristics
- Durable potency
- Increase of energy and perseverance, thinking and concentration levels
- Optimisation of the mal hormones
- No side effects, as is purely vegetable based

FREE 1 x Power Pump with Bullet Vibe

''Slap it in and pump it up!'' Who are we to refuse? A quality pump with multi-speed control handle and vibrating bullet. Rubber donut seals the vacuum tight as you pump and enjoy. Whether pumping to satisfy your own needs or to share and enjoy with a partner, this is a great-value pump. Features easy-to-use vacuum release valve and 7.5-inch clear tube.

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